Tennant's Hamlet/Love's Labours Lost 08/09

Continuing information on RSC, Hamlet, and more...

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morgaine_nicely wrote in tennantshamlet
Dunno if ANYONE is still following the group, but i'm gonna post some pics here, i'm not cutting them cuz i dunno who's following the group, let me know if its too many and i'll do a cut :)

starting with Doctor Who Exhibition in Earl's Court :)

A cool building down the street from the Exhibition centre

Beginning the exhibit :)

My friend trickery She can now say she's taller than nine and ten :P

here's the beginning where you walk in and the Tardis is there, Ten's coat and suit are on display, and on the face is david's face speaking as the doctor, you can't really make it out in the pic at all, he kept going "no no no no no no no..." and then something about the space/time thingy i dunno...lol

Tardis Shot

Donna's Suit in Partners In Crime :)

My fave outfit of Rose's :)

The Face Of Boe (and I refuse to believe that's Jack...)

another Face of Boe shot (i wish now i'd gotten a pic of me kneeling down in front of him as if he's telling me "i'm not alone" heh

Robot Santa from Christmas Invasion and/or Runaway Bride

The Sycorax

Rose's Flat (yeah it's small huh!)

okay so i did a cut after all...more pics to come :)


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