Tennant's Hamlet/Love's Labours Lost 08/09

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Tennant - Hamlet: Meant to be?
jein_gallaher wrote in tennantshamlet
Have you ever noticed that in the Shakespeare's monument in Stratford Hamlet looks just like David Tennant?
When I've noticed it - decided - he was meant to play Hamlet from the beginning... :-)
Want confirmation?

Did you notice the likeness?

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hrmm..interesting :) i hadn't noticed that before...although i hadn't really looked at it before either lol :P
nice to see your post, it's been a bit quiet here for a bit...
i'm going in january to london to see hamlet. have you already been to stratford?

Oh, yes!
I've seen both Hamlet and LLL - fantastic!
I am so envious that your are only going to see Hamlet! I want to see it again! I have so many questions - watched it, re-read Hamlet, now want to watch it again! Aaaa....
LLL - is fabulous!

I've written reviews on both, but - oops - it is in Russian. Sorry. :-(
Lots of pictures though...

I never noticed it and I was there XD

I only noticed it when started looking at the pictures... I laughed and said that maybe no one before tried to look into Hamlet's face so closely and loyally... :-)))
Amazing likeness, ah? :-)

i like this icon of yours above :)

Lol! Whoa, he really does look like Hamlet! O_O *is delighted* He must have been truly destined to take that role!

Teheeee!! XD *does the yay! pose* 8D

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