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Hamlet-Preview the Film

Shakespeare’s immortal “To be, or not to be” takes on a whole new meaning (and medium) as classical stage and screen actors David Tennant and (recently-knighted) Sir Patrick Stewart reprise their roles for a modern-dress, film-for-television adaptation of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s (RSC) 2008 stage production of Hamlet. The production will be presented on PBS by the Great Performances series on Wednesday, April 28, 2010, at 8 p.m. EST (check local listings). Immediately following the broadcast, the film will be available online in its entirety here on the Great Performances Web site.

Hamlet...PBS Great Performances...
Hopefully you all got to watch this...am posting link for anyone who wants to watch AGAIN :)


It's supposed to be on pbs.org for several years :)

Hamlet on BBC!

from dt.com

29/05/2009, 07:40am GMT

David To Reprise Role Of Hamlet For BBC

David has signed up to reprise his role of Hamlet for BBC Two.
He will be joined by key cast members from the RSC production, including Patrick Stewart as Claudius.
BBC Two controller Janice Hadlow said the 180-minute screen production of Hamlet was "a wonderful opportunity to bring one of the great stage successes of last year to a wider audience".
Tickets for the stage performances, which opened in Stratford-Upon-Avon and later moved to London, sold out in hours.
After his debut appearance, the Guardian called Tennant the "best Hamlet in years".
In February his return to the stage as Hamlet was named the event of the year in the Whatsonstage.com Theatregoers' Choice Awards.

The full press release from the RSC can be seen below:

The Royal Shakespeare Company's award-winning production of Hamlet, directed by RSC Chief Associate Director Gregory Doran, and with David Tennant in the title role, will premiere on BBC Two later this year.

Produced by Illuminations, the screen version of Shakespeare's great tragedy will retain the quality and tone of the critically acclaimed stage production but filming will take place on location. All key original members of the cast, including Patrick Stewart as Claudius, are confirmed to star in this special 180 minute production, alongside the same creative team.

RSC Artistic Director Michael Boyd said; “We are very pleased that this RSC production will be seen by so many people when broadcast. As the show was sold out for its entire run, this is a really great opportunity for our work to be seen by so many who could not come to the theatre and see it on stage.”

Filming begins in June for broadcast later this year on BBC Two. Broadcasts in the US and Japan will follow in 2010. Illuminations previously worked with Doran and the RSC on the filmed version of Macbeth with Antony Sher and Harriet Walter. Chris Seager will be in post as Director of Photography; Robert Jones, who designed the stage production, will also design the film and, as on stage, the music is composed by Paul Englishby, the movement director is Mike Ashcroft and the fight director is Terry King.

John Wyver is the producer for Illuminations and Bethan Jones is Executive Producer for BBC Wales. The project was commissioned by Ben Stephenson, Controller, BBC Drama Commissioning and George Entwistle, Controller, BBC Knowledge Commissioning.

The director Gregory Doran said “Contrary to press reports at the time, the RSC always had plans to make a recording of this production but had the inevitable long journey in getting the cast together again and securing funding for this project. The Hamlet cast and the RSC are all really delighted that we now have the chance to share this show with audiences around the world, and I would like to thank all those involved in making this plan a reality at last”

Janice Hadlow, Controller BBC Two said “It's a wonderful opportunity to bring one of the great stage successes of last year to a wider audience.”

To support the new film of Hamlet, a rich online BBC site is being created in collaboration with the RSC. It will feature behind-the-scenes stills and footage; specially shot interviews with the actors talking about their characters and how they've approached the play; further interviews, with the director and other key backstage personnel; and a comprehensive range of links through to the full depth of BBC Learning's content on Shakespeare and RSC Education's content on Shakespeare in performance.

George Entwistle, Controller, BBC Knowledge Commissioning said "We hope we can use our experience in building compelling online sites to encourage a large TV audience to pursue their interest in Hamlet and Shakespeare as far as possible, off the back of a superb TV version of the play."

Just checking
Is anyone still watching this journal? if not i'll probably just delete it soon or find a way to use it in another way...just chekcing, i may post some pics here, not sure if i have uploaded any from my trip
take care :)

Dunno if ANYONE is still following the group, but i'm gonna post some pics here, i'm not cutting them cuz i dunno who's following the group, let me know if its too many and i'll do a cut :)

starting with Doctor Who Exhibition in Earl's Court :)

A cool building down the street from the Exhibition centre

Beginning the exhibit :)

My friend trickery She can now say she's taller than nine and ten :P

here's the beginning where you walk in and the Tardis is there, Ten's coat and suit are on display, and on the face is david's face speaking as the doctor, you can't really make it out in the pic at all, he kept going "no no no no no no no..." and then something about the space/time thingy i dunno...lol

Doctor Who Exhibition/Earl's Court/3 Jan 2009Collapse )
Rose's Flat (yeah it's small huh!)

okay so i did a cut after all...more pics to come :)

Tennant - Hamlet: Meant to be?
Have you ever noticed that in the Shakespeare's monument in Stratford Hamlet looks just like David Tennant?
When I've noticed it - decided - he was meant to play Hamlet from the beginning... :-)
Want confirmation?
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strawberry fields
X-posted from my journal - my review of going to Stratford to see Hamlet. Enjoy! :)

Stratford (many photos under t'cut)Collapse )

Hamlet! Rather a long and detailed review, avoid if you're going to see the play and don't want to know all the surprises. (more pictures)Collapse )

Meeting David Tennant - lots of squee!Collapse )

Backstage at the CourtyardCollapse )

All in all it was a very tiring few days, but I can't remember the last time I enjoyed myself so much. I'm now trying to get tickets to see the RSC's performance of Romeo and Juliet, which tours later this year and is playing a few nights at the Lowry Theatre in Salford during November. I also nearly bought a Complete Works of William Shakespeare whilst in Blackwell's in Oxford, before realising that I wouldn't be able to carry it!

You can see the rest of my photos here in my Facebook album.

Friends Only banners
Hey how do you use the Friends Only banners and what do they do?

new picture from Hamlet production
Picture from The Times last week..



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